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Tuscany wine tour: wine tasting tour in Chianti


Tuscany wine tour

Fancy your skills as a sommelier? Why not allow us to take you on a wine tasting tour of Tuscany that will test your sommelier’s abilities and also take you through some of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes, because that is what Tuscany is: a beautiful Region of a beautiful country.

At Papavero Tours, we offer you the chance of exploring Tuscany’s breathtaking countryside in the company of our knowledgeable guides, who will initiate you into the concept of agri-tourism or ‘agriturismo’, the new age tourism trend that is sweeping across Europe, most notably Italy and Spain. In the course of your Tuscan wine tasting tour, you will visit some fairly typical yet exclusive Tuscan vineyards and wineries, where you will be shown how Tuscany’s world famous wines are extracted and then sample some of them (along with some good old Tuscan delicacies), all the while in the company of our guides.

Chianti wine tasting tour

Contrary to what some people believe, you need not be a sommelier to go on a wine tasting tour, in Tuscany or anywhere else. We welcome anyone who is interested, because we can guarantee that your knowledge of wine will never be the same again. In other words, we will make a sommelier out of you!

Our Tuscany wine tasting tour will include a Chianti Classico sampler, of course, because it is the wine that defines Tuscany. We will explore the heart of the Chianti Classico, and you will learn things like how Chianti Classico is made, and how to distinguish between the main grape varieties. Along the way, we will also take in some important ‘wine towns’, most of them medieval in origin, but perfectly suited to modern times while at the same time keeping their originality intact.

But there’s more to a Tuscany wine tasting tour than Chianti Classico. To experience the magic, just come to us at