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Pisa and Siena guided tour


Pisa guided tour

As the heading makes clear, there is more to Pisa than the Leaning Tower and Galileo Galilei’s celebrated experiment to test gravity. Of course, that is to take nothing away from the Leaning Tower (‘Torre Pendente’ to Italians), which has become a symbol of Pisa – indeed, of Italy – across the world, just as the Eiffel Tower symbolizes Paris. But our guided tour of Pisa will reveal to you other wonders of this magical Tuscan city, and we look forward to accompanying you on your tour.

As we at Papavero Tours say, anyone who comes to Pisa with their minds already made up that the Leaning Tower is the only thing to see on a Pisa guided tour may miss the other architectural and artistic marvels of this wonderful city. For instance, there is Duomo di Pisa, the splendid Cathedral, which contains artwork by Giambolna, Dela Robbia, and others. Then you have the Campo Santo, a huge cemetery building with plenty of fascinating art, including a collection of ancient Roman sculptures and pre-Renaissance murals.

Siena guided tour

Your guided tour of Pisa will also take in the Santo Sepolcro, a Romanesque octagonal church with a conical spire by Diotisalvi, who also built the baptistery - a Templar church. Or you can simply walk along the Piazza dei Miracoli and admire the many shops and restaurants lining this pedestrian mall. In short, you will have so much to do that your stay might seem too short!

We also offer guided tours of Siena, the historic center of which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once again, there is the celebrated Duomo, a splendid example of Italian Romanesque architecture, and Siena’s famous Piazza del Campo, the magnificent town square. All this more awaits you on your guided tours of Pisa and Siena, so what are you waiting for? Contact us at for more.