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 Four days in Florence, Italy 

1st day: itinerary Nr. 1 + itinerary Nr. 2
2nd day: itinerary Nr. 3
3rd day: itinerary Nr. 4
4th day:
AM - Today start your visit with the Church Santa Maria Novella, to admire its beautiful front façade (patronized by the Rucellai family) and to enjoy the art treasures which are inside. Then take the Via della Vigna Nuova, pass in front of the famous Rucellai Palace and Loggia, then continue towards the very elegant Via de' Tornabuoni with its magnificent palaces such as Strozzi palace, Spini Ferroni palace. Stop at the church Santa Trinita to have a look at the frescoes of the Sassetti Chapel.
Cross the river Arno through the beautiful Ponte S. Trinita (built by Bartolomeo Ammannati in the XVI century) and along Via Maggio (a lot of antique shops) get to the church of Santo Spirito.
PM - Now, early afternoon, make your way to the church of S. Maria del Carmine to spend some time admiring the masterpiece by Masaccio (fresco-paintings in the Brancacci Chapel).
Then browse around having a good look at the many antique shops and artisans' shops which are in this discrict of Florence and finally cross the river again (you can either take the Bridge Carraia or Amerigo Vespucci to be able to reach the Church Ognissanti (All Saints) where, in its barock-style interior, you find the family-crypt of the Vespucci (apparently Amerigo is also in it). Don't miss a visit to the Cloister of the church where the incredible "Last Supper" by Domenico Ghirlandaio is frescoed.

For opening hours of Museums and Churches, see the Museums TTables.


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