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The Florence Newspaper - News from Florence, Italy

The Florence Newspaper was born to provide foreign English speaking readers with daily information and reports about the city of Florence.
Our purpose is to accomplish not just the demand of foreigners living in the city or visiting, but also the one of those living abroad that may want to find information about the city, just because they had lived there or they are going to.

Our intention is to select all the daily news regarding the city, and report just those that we believe may interest the foreign reader. The Florence Newspaper, along with the city bulletin, also wants to provide other useful information for those foreigners living in the city regarding Events, Museums, Nightlife, Fashion and Shopping Outlets, Markets, Transportation and Travel information, Emergencies Contacts, Gardens and Parks and so on. In the other two sections of the Newspaper the reader will be able to find the most significant World News and, considering the importance of the young American community living in the Florence, updated news about American Sport and Gossip. Florence Newspaper is and wants to remain independent from any political party, and does not rely on any funding by the State.

Nove da Firenze (News from Florence in ancient Italian)

Nove da Firenze ("News from Florence" in ancient Italian) is a bet of local information: to talk about the contemporary society, the public life and the economy without dependig on sponsors and advertisings.

On line since 1997, the newspaper supports and promotes the innovation and the participation, reflects on the events and imagines the future of Tuscany. Comunicazione Democratica, the cultural association that published Nove da Firenze, organizes off-line initiatives too. Internet is a free publishing, but after ten years the technology has been asserted like a new alphabet, whose potentialities are still undefined. And also in a town like Florence experiencing new languages is not ambitious.

The Nove da Firenze's pages are rich of news that difficultly passes in the massmedia circuit. There's wide space for the civil campaigns, the spontaneous initiatives, the Internet innovations in Tuscany. Nove da Firenze is not a blog, but the net of external collaborations is amazing. The newspaper is always searching contributions and participations, on the base of the defined principles of the association: free, independent, cultural voluntary-service. The group of the founders is composed by professionals journalists and not, that have embraced the Internet perspective after they met the traditional information, to tell something they would not be concurred on famous newspapers, in order to make become news events that would be otherwise ignored.

The newspaper is a small successful web site. Nove da Firenze has the 15% of the readers connected from abroad. Internet offers the possibility to take care of a national fact, only if it connects to local issues. Nevertheless Nove da Firenze is an authoritative source for Google's News, that annuls the traditional categories of information.

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