wedding in italy: marriage requirements in italy for usa citizens for marriage in italy

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US citizens to be married in Italy must present the following documents:
  1. VALID U.S. PASSPORT of if a member of the Army forces and identification card;

  2. A certified copy in "long firm" of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE containing the name of both mother and father. Birth certificate has to be TRANSLATED into Italian and be legalized with an APOSTILLE which is a seal affixed to a public record by the Secretary of State Notary Public of the State where the document was originated from. The translation has to be certified by a Consular Officer and then Apostilled by the Secretary of State Notary Public of the State where it was certified.

  3. A FINAL DIVORCE DECREE (if applicable) OR DEATH CERTIFICATE of the previous spouse. A TRANSLATION of this document into Italian is required as well as its APOSTILLE.

  4. When obtaining the required birth certificate or divorce decree if applicable ASK THE ISSUING OFFICE FOR INSTRUCTION AND FEES FOR OBTAINING AN APOSTILLE.

  5. ATTO NOTORIO (to be done in the States or in Italy if time doesn't allow): Is a declaration sworn by 4 witnesses before an Italian Consular Officer stating that there is no obstacle to his/her marriage. You must call your nearest Italian Consulate and set up an appointment for this to be done. Ask how many witnesses are needed. IMPORTANT: This can not be issued more than 3 months before the wedding otherwise it will expire.

  6. NULLA OSTA OR SWORN STATEMENT (To be done in Italy): This document has to be done it before an U.S. Consular Officer (can be done in Milan, Trieste near Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples). This is a declaration stating that there is no obstacle according to USA laws for the marriage to take place in Italy. Witnesses are not required. Once this document has been issued has to be authenticated at the Prefecture.
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