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  National & Religious Holidays in Florence, Italy  

  • New Year's Day (January, 1)
  • It is the first day of the year often celebrated with fireworks at the stroke of midnight as the new year starts.

  • Epiphany (January, 6)
  • It is a Christian feast day that celebrates the revelation of God in human form in the person of Jesus Christ

  • Easter on Sunday
  • In Italy it is the second most important religious holiday after Xmas: the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. It is the celebration of the mystery that is the basis of the Christian faith.

  • Liberation Day (April, 25):
  • Celebrated on April 25th, it commemorates the liberation of Italy by Allied troops in the Second World War

  • Labor Day (May, 1)
  • May 1st is Labor Day for most of the world. In Italy, it is not just a workers holiday, but a day for political parties of the left side to hit the streets and protest their various causes

  • Republic Day (June 2)
  • The Republic day commemorates the birth of Italian Republic. The 2nd and 3th June of 1946 all Italians (man and woman) voted the referendum about the form of government they wanted. The Italy became a Republic.

  • St. John (June, 24)
  • This holiday commemorates the figure of Saint John, considered the "symbol of moral rectitude and political correctness".

  • Assumption Day or "Ferragosto" (August, 15)
  • A feast commemorating the Virgin Mary being taken up into heaven.

  • All Saint Day (November, 1)
  • All Saints' Day is a festival on which the church remembers and honors all the Christian faithful, both known and unknown.

  • Immaculate Conception Day (December, 8)
  • It is the holiday that celebrates the doctrine that the Virgin Mary was conceived free from all stain of original sin.

  • Christmas Day and St. Stephen's Day (December, 25 and 26)
  • It is a holiday held on December 25 to commemorate the birth of Jesus. St. Stephen day It is a public holiday in many nations in honor of St. Stephen Protomartyr.

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