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  Clothing in Florence, Italy  

The weather considerably milder in Tuscany and Umbria all year round than it is in the North and central United States or Grait Britain.

In summer
, stick with clothing that's as light as possible, although a sweater or woolen stole may be necessary in the cool of the evening, even during the hot months. Brief summer afternoon thunderstorms are common in inland cities, so carry an umbrella. And if you go into the mountains, you will find the evenings there quite chilly.

During the winter a medium-weight coat and a raincoat will stand you in good stead. Central heating may not be up to your standards and interions can be col and damp; take wools rather than sheer fabrics, flannel rather than flimsy nightwear, and boots or shoes that can accommodate socks rather than dainty pumps. As a matter of fact, pack sturdy walking shoes, preferable wich crepe or rubber soles, at any time of the year, because cobblestone streets and gravelpaths are common and can be murder on both feet and footwear.

In general Italians dress well and are not sloppy. They do not usually wear shorts in the city, unless longish bermudas happen to be in fashion. Even when dressed casually on informally, they are careful about the way they look, which is why so few restaurants establish dress codes. Men aren't required to wear ties or jackets anywhere, except in some of the grander hotel dining rooms and top level restaurant. Formal wear is the exception rather than the rule at the opera nowadays, though people in expensive seats usually do get dressed up.

Dress code are stict for visits to churches. Women mast cover bare shoulders and arms - a shawl will do - but no longer need cover theyr heads. Shorts are taboo for both man and women.

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