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Italians generally do not start the day with a big breakfast, on the whole a cappuccino and a brioche are sufficient. While lunch used to be quite a substantial meal, most people now only have time for a light snack and few can still enjoy the luxury of actually going home for their midday meal. Many bars in the center now prepare pasta dishes and light second courses, but olso have a large choice of substential sandwiches. More traditionally, some prefer to eat a boiled egg or a crostino, perhaps in a "mescita", with a glass of wine, or simply standing at one of the characteristic stalls selling the classic tripe sandwich. Purists, however, have not yet given up the habit of a pause - even if not too lengthy - in a trattoria. The trattoria is generally less expensive than a restaurant; moreover, you do not have to pay a service charge and rarely the "coperto" - a sort of modest tax on the table setting, and a rather dubious Italian practice which happily seems to be dying out.

To enjoy fully the pleasures of the table, it is best to save your main meal until the evening. Don't forget that the more modest trattorie do net accept bookings, so it is best to get there early, (about 7:30 - 8:00pm).

Osteria di Passignano
Via Passignano 33
Loc. Badia a Passignano
50028 Tavarnelle Val di Pesa (FI)
tel./fax 055 8071278

Ristorante Dino
Via Ghibellina 51R - Firenze
Tel 055-241452 Fax 055-241378

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