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 Medieval Romanesque Itinerary 

Visit the Church of San Miniato near the Michelangelo Square (bus N. 13) then the Baptistery of Florence (open from 1.00 to 5.45 PM through week days, sunday from 9.00 to 12.45 AM (Lit. 3.000 entrance admission).Then step down into the crypt of the Duomo to the remnants of the church Santa Reparata. Afterwords visit SS. Apostoli (Borgo SS. Apostoli), one of the oldest churches in town.Then make your way to the Uffizi Palace where, on the ground floor, you can enjoy what is left of the church San Piero a Scheraggio, which originally stood on the site where the Uffizi building was later erected. In San Miniato al Monte and in San Piero a Scheraggio the classicizing aspects (colonnades, wooden rafter ceilings) fuse with elements borrowed from the Lombard Romanesque (multiple piers, transversal arches). Sometimes, as in the church of the Santi Apostoli, the use of classicizing modes was accentuated even more: the continuous colonnades in the interior, without the Lombardian interruptions in the rhythms, and the Corinthian capitals, closely relate the building to early Christian architecture.
Continue your visit making your way to the Bargello Palace to admire its magnificent courtyard. Don't miss to stroll through Dante's district where a plenty of tower-houses still stand. See Dante's house, Dante's and Beatrice's parish church and the Torre della Castagna (which survived the centuries in its original shape. It is possible to visit it on thursday from 4.00 to 6.00 PM and on saturday from 9.30 to 12.00 AM). A number of tower-houses you can also see in Borgo SS. Apostoli, Via delle Terme and in Borgo Albizi in the Area of Santa Croce. Take a walk to the prestigious Via dei Tornabuoni to have a good look at the imposing Spini-Ferroni Palace.
In the neighbourhood of Florence you can visit the Cathedral of San Romolo atFiesole (2 miles from Florence far away - bus N. 7 from Piazza Stazione).

For opening hours of Museums and Churches, see the Museums TTables.


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