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 Florence in the Fifteen Hundreds 

Remarkable examples of fifteen hundreds' architecture you can admire all over Florence. We only want to mention some of them:
The Church of Santa Trinita (front-façade by Bernardo Buontalenti), the Church of Jesus the Pilgrim called of the "Pretoni" (Via degli Arazzieri), the Casino Mediceo by Bernardo Buontalenti, the Palazzo Dardinelli by Santi di Tito (Via Cavour), the Pandolfini Palace (designed by Raffaello), the Pitti Palace, the Uffizi Palace with Vasari's Corridor, and some of the many Palaces built by Baccio d'Agnolo.
He in particular developed a simplified type of patrician mansion with a Loggia over the roof and with much of the rustication (typical of the'400) replaced by plastering. This type was to become very popular as can be seen in numerous palaces: Taddei Palace (in the via Ginori), Cocchi Palace (Piazza Santa Croce), Ciaini Palace (via de' Servi), Bartolini-Salimbeni Palace (Piazza Santa Trinita).

Everywhere in Florence: The Piazza Signoria is an open-air museum with masterpieces by Giambologna, Cellini, Ammannati, Bandinelli etc....
In the interior of the Palazzo Vecchio (City-Hall), in the Bargello Palace, in the Cathedral church, the fountains by Pietro Tacca on Piazza SS. Annunziata, the fountain by B. Ammannati in the Boboli garden etc...

For XVI century florentine painting we suggest a visit to the Uffizi Gallery and to the Pitti Gallery first of all. We also reccomend a visit to the Chiostrino dei Voti in the church of the SS. Annunziata where the life of the Madonna is narrated (on the right side) in frescoes of great value, executed by the greater painters of the XVI century: Rosso Fiorentino, Pontorno, Franciabigio while, on the left-hand side, there are the stories of S. Filippo Benizzi frescoed by the famous Andrea del Sarto. By the same painter, don't miss to see the magnificent "Last Supper" in the Refectory of the Church San Salvi and the "chiaroscuro" frescoes with 16 stories of St. John the Baptist in the chapel "dello Scalzo" (via Cavour). Of great importance is also the marvellous, luminous Deposition by Pontormo in the church of Santa Felicita near the Ponte Vecchio.
Much more of sixteenth century painting (frescoes and panels) is to be seen in most of the florentine churches and museums.

Enjoy it!!!

For opening hours of Museums and Churches, see the Museums TTables.


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