Ape Touring - Luxury apartments for your vacation in Florence

Luxury vacation apartments, Florence


Corno - Luxury apartment in Florence

For plenty of tourists around the world, Italy and particularly Florence represent a dream vacation destination. And we are here to make that dream come true, because we offer you absolutely the luxury vacation apartments in Florence that money can buy, and not a whole lot of money either.

How would you like to spend your holidays in one of two elegant Florence luxury apartments near the cityís historic center, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? The apartments are situated in a 17th-century building on the ancient street known as Via del Corno, mere steps away from the Piazza della Signoria, Piazza Santa Croce and Ponte Vecchio. These apartments are stylishly decorated and completely furnished, and occupants can enjoy a charming view over the roofs of Florenceís old sections.

Duccio - Vacation apartment in Florence

How about two beautiful vacation apartments in Florenceís old center, on the second floor of a historic building? The recently renovated apartments nevertheless retain all their old-world charm and architectural uniqueness such as paneled ceilings and terracotta floors. They are also appropriately furnished with period furniture, and are within easy walking distance of all the major tourist attractions of Florence.

And these are just examples of what we can offer the discerning traveler. Situated around Florence are many more luxury rental apartments, which are perfect for tourists who want to remain close to Florence, but donít want to experience the activity that is inevitably associated with a big city. These vacation apartments in Florence are extremely reasonably priced and though most of them have been converted from old buildings such as castles and farmhouses, they have retained all their originality.

So if you are looking for quality Florence accommodation at reasonable prices, do contact us and go through our list of Florence luxury apartments. Weíre sure it will be worth your while.