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Apartments for rent Florence, Italy


Duccio - Apartment to rent in Florence

Florence: the name conjures up vivid images of a magnificent Renaissance-era city that is home to some of the worldís finest examples of art and culture. The cityís splendid palaces and churches, outstanding museums, and charming walks make it a tourist destination par excellence, and it is for the discerning tourist that we offer apartments for rent in Florence, Italyís most internationally celebrated city.

And these arenít just any apartments in Florence, but ones that we have chosen with a great deal of care so that your trip to Florence is made truly memorable. The Florence apartments on our list are situated both in and around the city, and have been carefully renovated to suit even the most quality-conscious guest.

Corno - Apartment for rent in Florence, Italy

Among our apartments for rent in Florence are renovated castles, delightful farmhouses, beautiful villas, and even 10th-century towers. Some of our Florence apartments to rent are even situated on ancient farming estates that allow guests a peek into a bygone world. All the apartments for rent in Florence have been equipped with modern amenities that do not hamper their old-world charm, and ensure a comfortable stay at very reasonable rates.

Particularly for those visitors who would prefer to spend their holidays away from the hustle and bustle of the city while at the same time remaining close to it, our apartments for rent in Florence promise ideal getaways. They occupy some of the regionís most scenic locations, and are prized pieces of real estate. So if you are planning a trip to Florence, and looking for a Florence apartment to rent, get in touch with us without delay and let us make your stay unforgettable. Our extensive catalog is sure to help you make up your mind in a hurry!