leonardo da vinci - impossible exhibition - church of santa croce, vinci - from 6th june, 2008

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Leonardo da Vinci - Impossible Exhibition - Church of Santa Croce, Vinci - From 6th June, 2008 Leonardo Da Vinciís most important and best-known works brought together for an impossible exhibition

The church of Santa Croce in Vinci contains virtual works, that is, very high-resolution digital reproductions of masterpieces by the genius who was born there.
As from 6th June visitors are given an opportunity to still marvel in front of Leonardo’s works scattered all over the world, such as the Mona Lisa, the Virgin of the Rocks, the Lady with an Ermine and the Last Supper at he refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan.

To have the possibility to come close to faces and facial expressions and compare landscapes and techniques: this is the most intriguing idea behind this peculiar exhibition. It is part of the project Le mostre impossibili [Impossible Exhibitions], conceived and supervised by Renato Parancandolo and carried out at the Centro di Produzione TV della Rai [Rai TV Broadcasting Centre] in Naples. These are impossible exhibitions which have already once brought together in one single place the works by Caravaggio and those by Raphael.

The assumption from which the exhibition starts is the reproducibility of a work of art, which is a great “democratic” opportunity in order to bring beautiful masterpieces to everybody, without having to move to the places where they are preserved. The reproductions of these works in a 1:1 scale have an exceptional image quality.

Within the “impossible exhibition” dedicated to Leonardo, the documentary produced by Rai International Leonardo a Vinci: l’origine del genio [Leonardo in Vinci: the origins of genius] is shown both in Italian and in English.

The exhibition at the Church of Santa Croce is open every day from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm Admittance is free. For information, please call the intercity tourist office at 0571 568012 a Vinci: l’origine del genio [Leonardo in Vinci: the origins of genius] is shown both in Italian and in English.

From APT - Agenzia per il Turismo di Firenze (Florence Tourist Office)

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