russian paintings in florence: "from icons to malevich" exhibit at galleria d'arte moderna of palazzo pitti

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  From Icons to Malevich. Masterpieces from the Russian Museum of St. Petersburg  

Throughout the year 2011, there will be many initiatives aimed at making Russian art and culture known in Italy, and Italian culture known in Russia. This year, in fact, is dedicated to cross-cultural exchange between the two countries.

A sample of these initiatives is the exhibition to be held at the Galleria d'Arte Moderna of Florence, in the Andito degli Angiolini, a suggestive space reflecting the times and the tastes of the Lorraines.

pettine blu KandinskijFrom Icons to Malevich. Masterpieces from the Russian Museum of St. Petersburg is the title of a small yet significant exhibition of forty works: these are paintings that testify to the evolution of Russian painting, first known in Europe mainly for icons, but that, starting in the 18th century, developed, drawing great inspiration from Italian art.

The timeline of the works on exhibit starts with a 16th-century icon, the Christ the Pantocrator enthroned among the heavenly powers and ends with works by the avant-garde artists that gave such great impulse to European culture of the 1920's, first and foremost Malevich and Kandinskij. Between these two extremes, eighteenth and nineteenth-century authors who were successful in developing a modern Russian style.

The works are from the Russian Museum of St. Petersburg, the most important in the country for authors and number of pieces and that, amongst other things, houses a vast collection of avant-garde works.

From Icons to Malevich. Masterpieces from the Russian Museum of St. Petersburg

from 8 February to 30 April
Galleria d'Arte Moderna of Palazzo Pitti

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 8.15am to 6.50pm

Admission 12 (comprehensive of a visit to the Galleria Palatina and to the Galleria d'Arte Moderna); Reduced rate ticket 6 for young Europeans between 18 e 25 years of age.
Info +39 055 294883

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