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Giovanni Fattori, Ritratto della Signorina Siccoli, 1866. Oil on canvas A first exhibition to celebrate Giovanni Fattori, 100 years after his death

During the whole 2008 some events are scheduled to celebrate a big Tuscan painter of the 19th century, Giovanni Fattori. For the most famous of the Macchiaioli painters, who died in Florence in 1908, a very important exhibition at Villa Bardini: Fattori and the Naturalism in Tuscany.

Fattori and Naturalism in Tuscany is being promoted and produced by the Cassa di Risparmio in collaboration with the Soprintendenza Speciale per il Patrimonio Storico, Artistico ed Etnoantropologico e per il Polo Museale Fiorentino under the sponsorship of the municipality of Florence. Even if it may seem strange, considering the great interest in this period, this exhibition  offers a totally new approach.

The grand old man of Italian art had never been deliberately placed side by side with Cannicci and Cecconi, Ferroni and Micheli, the Gioli brothers, the Tommasi cousins, Sorbi and Panerai, that is, with those younger Tuscan painters - for some of whom he had been the teacher and for all of whom he had been a great friend.

With the 35, mainly large-sized works, some of which have never been seen in public, the exhibition highlights affinities, suggests influences, shows differences, even big ones, and thus restores the true relationship between the master, the leader of the movement who never aspired to be so, and his brave art companions, that is between the protagonists of a beautiful and fleeting painting season where the Risorgimento idealism was to grieve for the disillusions of the post unity period and the idea of an imminent progress that was soon tinged with longing.

Francesca Dini is the curator of the exhibition. A well-known scholar of 19th century Tuscan art, she has also edited the catalogue published by Polistampa.

To help visitors enjoy the exhibition better, it is divided into five sections (Painting in the Fields, ‘Courtly’ Naturalism, the Maremma, Urban Views and A Great Painter of Nature limited to Fattori’s paintings), according to the most common themes found in these eleven artists’ works. They portray the Tuscany of small but important things , a humble everyday life, beautiful virgin lands, anonymous labour, busy streets and squares, rustic idylls, the “wild Maremma west”. Moments of life caught in their immediacy and often magnified to eternal glory with a striking visionary power and incredible technical skills.

Fattori and Naturalism in Tuscany
19 March – 23 June
Villa Bardini, Costa S. Giorgio 2 - Firenze
Info: Sigma, tel. 055.243140
Opening time  9 – 19
Entrance:  € 6

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