ghirlandaio: a family of painters in and around florence

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  Ghirlandaio: A family of painters in and around Florence  

Ghirlandaio: A family of painters in and around Florence

The spotlight is on the works of the Ghirlandaio family, one of the most celebrated families of Tuscan artists of the Renaissance: Domenico, the founder; then David and Benedetto, the brothers; Ridolfo, the son.

So this is much more than a simple exhibition: proceeding from a Florentine itinerary, the artistic path begun by Domenico is reconstructed, starting from the most well-known works.

Florence bears many traces of the Ghirlandaio family, from the Last Supper paintings in the churches of Ognissanti and San Marco to the frescoes in the Sala dei Gigli in Palazzo Vecchio, the Sassetti Chapel at Santa Trinita, the Tornabuoni Chapel at Santa Maria Novella, not to mention the splendid works on display at the Uffizi Gallery, the Palatina Gallery, and the Accademia.

Ghirlandaio: A family of painters of the Renaissance between Florence and Scandicci is also an exhibition that looks towards the environs of Florence, particularly the zone northwest of the city with which the Ghirlandaio family had close ties, with numerous signs of the presence of the artists: from their homes at San Martino in Scandicci and at Santa Maria in Colleramole, to the artistic activity at the ancient Abbey of Settimo and at the Church of Sant’Andrea in Campi Bisenzio, all the work of Domenico; and then the works of his son Ridolfo, who frequented these sites as a young child and worked in them during his long career, with paintings at Mosciano, Giogoli, San Martino alla Palma, and San Colombano.

he main site of the exhibition is Castello dell'Acciaiolo in Scandicci.

Ghirlandaio: A family of painters of the Renaissance between Florence and Scandicci

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21st November 2010 to 1st May 2011
From APT - Agenzia per il Turismo di Firenze (Florence Tourist Office)

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