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Fra Giovanni Angelico - Museum of San Marco, Florence A painter-miniaturist or a miniaturist-painter?

Beato Angelico, the monk who painted the frescoes in the Monastery of San Marco is the central figure in an exhibition in Florence. His background as a miniaturist is on show at the Museo di San Marco from 20 December to 29 March.
Giovanni Angelico entered the monastery of San Domenico at Fiesole as a very young man, and it was for this house that he made the miniatures for the Gradual, the book in which are assembled all the various parts of the Mass. The exhibition at the Museo di San Marco is organized around this ancient codex, and also examines the relationship between these works and the paintings on panel which he made at the same time. Fra Angelico’s painting does in fact display many of the features characteristic of miniature.
The works of Fra Giovanni Angelico on display here are usually to be found in the San Marco museum in Florence, as well as in leading institutions abroad.
In addition to the Gradual from San Domenico you will find illuminated choir-books from the liturgical heritage of San Marco, works of great beauty such as the Psalters illuminated by Angelico himself and others of the kind which are the work of Zanobi Strozzi, one of his helpers.
Furthermore, an interactive touch-screen system enables the visitor to leaf through the volumes and admire all the miniatures in them.
The exhibition Fra Giovanni Angelico. Pittore miniatore o miniatore pittore? is open during museum hours, that is from 8.15-13.50, on Saturdays until 18.50.
Closed on the second and fourth Mondays of the month.
Entrance fee € 7,00.

From APT - Agenzia per il Turismo di Firenze (Florence Tourist Office)

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