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Jean-Michel Folon Forte Belvedere - Sala d'Arme di Palazzo Vecchio
Until September 18th, 2005

Jean-Michel Folon - one of the leading exponents of the international art scene for the great evocative power of his works, with their extraordinary expressive and poetic intensity - has become more and more engaged in the last fifteen years with sculpture, with results of the highest quality and strong emotional content.
After his important exhibitions in Barcelona, Brussels, Lausanne and Lisbon, the Florence show is the most significant event in the career of Folon, as it summarizes 35 years of study and presents his work as a sculptor with a breadth never attempted before.
For Florence - land of beauty and "a magical place" by definition in the meeting between man, art and nature - 250 works by Folon were selected, from 1970 to the present, with particular attention for his bronze sculptures which are represented here by as many as 83 works, from his early Oiseaux and Personnages from 1992-'93 to the large figures of L'Envol and Le Temps, conceived and produced specially for the show, like his new, even hieratic and solemn Fontaine aux poissons.
One hundred of the artist's favorite watercolors, which he has never wanted to sell, are shown in the Sala d'Arme of Palazzo Vecchio and in the Palazzina of Forte di Belvedere, with a number of small objets rich in imagination and irony, a rich selection of silkscreen prints and an almost entirely new series of Personnages produced with the unusual though immediate technique of déchirage-collage.
Outdoors, in the garden and terraces of Forte di Belvedere stand the great, silent sculptures, that communicate only with the sky and with the extraordinary architecture of the city spread below. The layout was designed by Folon himself, attentive to the atmosphere, the space, the light that surround the visitor here, experience his show like a single living work of art, the result of a truly unrepeatable meeting between a location charged with history and wonder, and these timeless figures of his, forever bound to the enchantment of so much beauty.
exhibition opening
13 may - 18 september 2005
All days 10 am to 10 pm
Tuesday closed
full price: € 8
reduced price: € 5 (a)
personal attendance card: € 11 (b)
special 15% discount ticket: € 6 (c)
Extra for the "Raccolta Alberto della Ragione" € 2
The bar/cafeteria on the panoramic garden of Fort di Belvedere is open from 10 am to 10 pm.
NOTE: The round-trip shuttle bus ticket between Piazza S. Firenze and Forte del Belvedere costs € 1. It runs from 10 am to 7 pm, every 20 minutes; in the evening, from 7 pm to midnight, the service will only be provided in case of special events open to the public.


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