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 The Costantini Antiquarium 

Address: Via Portigiani, 9 - Fiesole
The Costantini Antiquarium, which was opened to the public in 1990, houses the collection of antique pottery donated by Prof. Alfiero Costantini to the Town Council of Fiesole.
The value of the collection is well-known all over the world; it is made up of about 160 pieces of antique Corinthian pottery with black figures and red ones, Etruscan urns, Italiot and from Magna Grecia which cover a period of time from the eighth to the third century BC; an extremely rich panorama from domestic earthenware to large precious vases, from geometrical decorations to mythological scenes. In order to house the collection the Civic Museum has been enlarged by restering a building next door to the ex nineteenth century Nursery school.
The work has brought to light some important monumental remains of Fiesole of the Hellenistic period and, by excavations, has led to very rich evidence, among which fragments of mural frescoes. So on the lower floor of the building a topographical section has been set up; it displays the remains found in this place and includes the monumental remains.

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