the museum of the bigallo, florence

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  The Museum of the Bigallo  

Address: Piazza S.Giovanni, 1

Museumf of the Bigallo, Florence The name Bigallo comes from the Compagnia Maggiore di Santa Maria del Bigallo, under whose care was the Hospital for pilgrims and wayfarers at Santa Maria a Fonteviva, called "del Bigallo". In 1351 the Compagnia received as a gift a house on the corner of Corso Adimari and built there the present loggia and oratory.

Only in 1904 were the dispersed works of art gathered again in the upper rooms after many vicissitudes including the flood of 1966. This small but significant collection of art commissioned by the Confraternity or given by benefactors was finally organized in 1976 and is now a unified collection which illustrates through devotional works the story of the Confraternity through the centuries. Works such as the Crucifix by the "Master of the Bigallo" and paintings by Bernardo Daddi (c. 1290-c. 1348) and his circle, and a picture by Niccolò di Pietro Gerini (recorder 1368-1415) document one of the Confraternity's most significant works, the care of abandoned or lost children.

Apart from religious painting of the fourteenth-seventeenth centuries, there are few fine sculptures by Alberto Arnoldi (mid fourteenth century) who executed the niches and sculpture in the loggia, along with works by Tuscan artists of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

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