Why are there cows all around Florence? Cowparade Firenze 2005

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Cowparade 2005 - Florence COWPARADE FIRENZE

22 OCTOBER 2005 20 JANUARY 2006

Why are there cows all around Florence?

They are the cows of CowParade, the largest public art exposition in the world. Since 1998 CowParade has exposed their colourful cows in the streets and squares of over twenty cities around the world, such as Chicago, New York, London, Tokyo, Prague, only to name a few.

The cows are, in fact, the objects of art; they are life size models made of resin, on which the artists create their own works of art. The model cows serve the artists as a three-dimensional canvas.

Florence, city of art by excellence, is hosting CowParade and will soon transform itself into a vast outdoor Contemporary Art gallery, with direct public exposure. CowParade will create colourful, fun, and interactive art spectrum throughout the city.

Look out for the cows in Florence beginning 22 October 2005!

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