SICA Real Estate - Prestige properties, exclusive villas for sale in Tuscany

Prestige properties, exclusive villas for sale in Tuscany


Exclusive villa for sale in Tuscany

Travel writers often describe Italy as a geographical miracle, largely because it seems to have a little bit of all the world’s geographic features: mountains, rivers, sea, lakes, you name it. Little wonder then, that the country is so fantastically picturesque, because added to these natural wonders are some truly magnificent cities and enchanting countryside. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Region of Tuscany, where we have some prestige properties and exclusive villas for sale.

One of Italy’s 20 Regions, Tuscany is known for its wonderful climate, its deliciously flavored wines, and hospitable people. This is what makes it such a wonderful region to live in, and our exclusive Tuscan villas for sale are the best value for your money. As example, we would ask you to explore our exclusive Tuscan villas in the Massa Carrara region, with all the modern amenities you can ask for, and yet equipped with such old-world touches as restored wine cellars that are nevertheless completely fit for use, balconies, attics, and ample garden and lawn space.

Prestige property for sale in Tuscany

At prices that range between Euro 45,000 to 600,000, we offer something for everyone. These are, as we mentioned, prestige properties in Tuscany, and we would like to make sure that the lucky buyer is satisfied down to the last detail. Take our exclusive apartments in Pisa, agri-tourism (staying on a working farm) in locations such as Lucca, Livorno, Siena, La Spezia, and Grosseto, seaside houses in Massa Carrara, or villas/detached houses in Pistoia – we promise the same attention to detail and the same exclusiveness in all our prestige Tuscan properties and exclusive villas for sale. Our prices are reasonable and negotiable, and our properties of unvaryingly high quality. Why not visit us at Sica l'Immobiliare to verify our claims for yourself?