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Country farms, farmhouses for sale in Tuscany


Farmhouse for sale in Tuscany

The Region of Tuscany has been famous for its climate, scenery, culture and wine for a long time. Even a casual traveler to Italy will say Tuscany when asked to name an Italian Region, such is its fame and international renown. Tuscany farmhouses and country farms are like no other in Italy, for their picturesque quality, their charming rusticity, and their efficiency.

The world may know Tuscany for its wines (such as Chianti, Morellino di Scansano and Brunello di Montalcino), but what of other agricultural products such as Chianina cattle (source of the Fiorentina steak) and olive oil? Once you take a tour of our farmhouses and country farms for sale in Tuscany, you will realize what a sound real estate investment they represent.

Country farm for sale in Tuscany

Our Tuscan farmhouses and country farms for sale are spread across a wide area, covering such locations as La Spezia, Grosseto, Siena, Pisa, Massa Carrara, Lucca, Firenze (Florence), and Livorno. In recent times, the practice of agritourism has grown rapidly popular across Europe. Essentially, agritourism is a holiday that you spend on a farm that offers you the chance to help out with farming tasks. Agritourism has grown to be very popular in Europeís wine-growing regions, which is why we offer you an opportunity to soak up the typical life of a farmhouse or country house for sale in Tuscany.

Our farmhouses and country houses are quintessentially Tuscan in appearance and operation. They are quaint and charming, but also modern and state of the art, and we have taken care to use the finest building materials to restore and renovate, adding modern amenities like as swimming pools and solariums where necessary. And we havenít even begun on the Tuscan essentials like the olive groves, woods, and vineyards that accompany our farmhouses and country houses. For that and more on the Tuscany farmhouses and country houses fro sale, come to Sica l'Immobiliare.