Chiena Resort - Luxury hotel resort near Florence, in the Chianti country

Luxury hotel resort near Florence
in the Chianti country


The Chianti country near Florence Since the days of the Renaissance, Florence has been famed for its culture and architecture. Even today, no trip to Florence is complete without a tour of its magnificent piazzas, churches and museums. However, an increasing number of travelers these days are venturing out of this captivating city to explore the areas around Florence, particularly to stay at the luxury country resorts near Florence.

Even the most casual of travelers these days include a visit to the famous wine region of Chianti in their itineraries when in Florence. And what could be a better way of sampling the vineyard’s delights than a stay at a Chianti luxury resort? Located in the heart of Tuscany, the Chiena Resort offers a clear view of the Chianti Hills, a natural bulwark that runs along the border between the upper Valdarno and the lands of Siena.

Exterior view of our luxury resort near Florence In keeping with the beautiful weather and welcoming locals, the food and drink at country resorts near Florence usually offer the best of Tuscan cuisine. At the Chiena Resort, the Osteria Chiena offers typically Mediterranean dishes made from light and ingenious recipes, capable of satisfying the most demanding gourmands. Fresh vegetables from local markets, selected meats, oil from the Chiena Farm, and an outstanding selection of wines enable you to choose from among a wide variety of delicious foods and drinks.

Talking of drinks, did we mention that the area surrounding Chiena is traditionally devoted to the production of extremely fine and pleasant wines? Well, the Chianti Colli Fiorentini is produced here, and once you have tasted its harmonic, dry, savory, and slightly tannic flavor, we’d like to see you refuse a second glass.

That and more is what makes us the premier country luxury resort near Florence, and even as you read this, some lucky traveler looking for a hotel or resort near Florence is snapping up one of our 19 rooms. So hurry, visit for details!