Chiena Resort - A five star charming luxury resort in Tuscany country

A five star charming, luxury resort
in Tuscany country


Panorama of Tuscany country from Chiena Resort For many travelers around the world, Tuscany is a region they can't get enough of. Having passed through such historical periods as Etruscan, Roman, and Renaissance, Tuscany is today widely acknowledged as the standard bearer of Italian art and culture, particularly thanks to its architectural masterpieces, one of which - an 11th-century building - we have turned into the Chiena Resort, a premier and charming luxury resort in Tuscany.

Country resorts in Tuscany like ours offer you complete access to the extraordinary Tuscan countryside. Alongside that, we offer gourmet cuisine and some of the finest wines that the world has tasted. Walk through mountain paths, cycle over rolling hills, and soak in as much mellow sunshine as you can.

Interior of our luxury resort in Tuscany The Chiena Resort, under the supervision of owner Nerina Keeley, was meticulously restored four years ago by a team o handpicked specialists with experience in the art of restoring rural buildings. Today, the resort offers you 19 rooms including luxury suites and double rooms, all designed to maintain the characteristic charm and simplicity of Tuscan country homes while at the same time offering state-of-the-art technology and amenities.

But don't be too captivated by our rooms, because there's a lot to see around our charming Tuscan resort! Take, for example, the Triptych of St. Giovenale at the Pieve di Cascia di Reggello, 10 minutes away from the Chiena Resort. Then there's the St. Lawrence's Collegiate Church in Montevarchi, home to a splendid little temple made by the Della Robbias.

All in all, we promise you the ultimate Tuscany resort experience. Even for veterans of 5 star resorts in Tuscany, ours will be a charming Tuscan resort experience to remember.

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