B&B Residenza Il Villino - Bargain b&b accommodation in Florence historic center

Bargain accommodation: b&b in Florence historic center


Our b&b in the Florence historic center

From the first time I stepped into B&B Residenza Il Villino, the holiday home building which doubles as a historic city center in Florence, I knew there was a lot to learn from what I would encounter throughout my vacation trip here. The building which is often seen by both locals and visitors to Florence is said to be a late XIX-Century facility and something of an archaeological museum that is being carefully preserved for its value and age. The Tuscany holiday lodge is centrally located in the historic center of the city and is near to Duomo. It recently went through processes of renovation work that was meant to bring it up to an appreciable level of modern habitation for tourists and visitors coming to Florence. The main building of this bargain accommodation had a restoration plan that succeeded in getting it back to its original status so that I had to also appreciate the care taken to undertake such a tasking but tactful job.

Our bargain accommodation in Florence

It took some time for me to finish touring this holiday home which has been turned into a historic attraction as well. The old ambience of the florentine holiday lodge can be felt from the exterior right up to the innermost parts of the building which further made me appreciate the structural enhancements done to it. After walking around for another half hour, I was now traveling down memory lane to an past visit I once made some decades ago to a different part of Tuscany where I was greeted by the team of staff from a similar ancient holiday home like this one. It had so many things in common and a lot of similarities in the services offered including the surroundings of the building. Once I was through with visiting the main places, I was given a brief history of the quaint and quiet holiday abode where I heard that it was being managed by a family establishment. I simply had to appreciate their skills as I kept looking around.

My entire stay in Florence was such a pleasant one that I was tempted to extend the intended period beyond my initial plan and having had my best time of the year in a bargain holiday accommodation like this one, it was already compromising my stance. Outside the rooms were mini canopies arranged for only four people at any time, where they can enjoy a nice, breezy atmosphere without worries whatsoever. It was just the kind of rest one needs every end of the year, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Even for the joy of leaving the same old environment that one is used to, and traveling down to a cool, calm and cozy city with all its attractions that are very much different from the usual stuff that characterizes daily life back home, I was better off. The rooms may not have been the palatial, victorian styled types that are found in parts of London, but I was happier and more relaxed here in Florence.

These rooms are capable of making you oversleep the next day with such comfort that's makes them up. The Florence-based hotel is one that offers fewer than a dozen but well furnished rooms and they all come with private bathrooms or en-suite toilet facilites. Additional items for the convenient use of guests are hair dryer, satellite TV channels, air conditioning, internet connectivity, and a mini bar for evening sessions with friends. This was one place I usually frequented during my stay in the charming b&b historic center. The rooms on offer are those facing the courtyard which is a regular converging zone for guests who feel like taking in some fresh air. Residenza Il Villino is such a well known bargain b&b historic center in Florence and is close in location to many bars, restaurants and shops just within walking distance of the hotel. My stay in the historic lodge remains one of the best moments I've had in recent times.