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In 19 B.C. Marco Vespasiano Agrippa decides to construct a long canal to feed the springs he developed near the Pantheon.

The legend states that soldiers were sent to research the water springs closest to Rome, who, while on assignment, met a young girl that led them to the pure springs. It is from this legend that the water is gets its name the "Virgin Water".

During antiquity, a glass of the fresh, thirst quenching water from the Trevi Fountain was said to ensure good fortune and a fast return to Rome.

Over the course of time, this practice was replaced with the tossing of a coin in the fountain. The precise tradition calls for one to throw the coin over one's left shoulder while standing with one's back to the Trevi Fountain.

The Trevi Fountain today, contains a wide collection of international coins tossed by those travellers wishing to return to this distinctly romantic and wonderful place in Rome.

There is second romantic ritual associated with the Trevi Fountain. This legend pertains to the miniature fountain of the left side, known as "the small fountain of lovers". According to the legend, couples that drink from the mini fountain will forever be faithful to their partner.

An old print of the Trevi Fountain in Rome (Italy) A picture of the Trevi Fountain in Rome (Italy) A Trevi Fountain's picture from 'La Dolce Vita' of Federico Fellini

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