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  The Badia of Florence  

Address: Via Condotta, 4
The Badia is the oldest monastery in Florence and it was the first to be built inside of the city- walls. Its foundation dates back from the year 978. It was completely reconstructed in the XIII century and again in the XVII century in the baroque period.
The bell-tower was built between 1310-1330 started in romanesque, but completed in gothic style. Inside you can admire the tomb, by Mino da Fiesole, of Count Ugo, Marquis of Tuscana, who was the founder of many Benedictine Abbeys around Florence. He died in 1001 and every year a solemn funeral ceremony in his memory , is held in the church in since.
Inside of the church Badia remarkable is the painting by Filippino Lippi showing the Madonna and St. Bernard.


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