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Il calcio storico fiorentino 24 June 2004 Piazza Santa Croce
Calcio Storico, also known as 'calcio in costume' (costume football), is Florentine traditional football which dates from the Renaissance.
Four teams participate in the tournament originating from each of the traditional city districts: Blue for St. Croce, Green for St. Giovanni, Red for St. Maria Novella, and White for St. Spirito.
All of the players are dressed in medieval breeches, and are supported by their die-hard local fans.
27 players on each team, 54 players in total, which means that matches can by fairly violent with the large quantity of players at hand. Rules are minimal, with the fact that anything is allowed to get hold of the ball and score a 'caccia'.
The 24 June is the only fixed day, but since the 16th century, two other days are also chosen on Easter Sunday. All are in early July or June.
This year the qualifying rounds are taking place on 24th June 2004 with Blue vs. Red, followed by 27th June Green vs. White. The two winners of the matches will reach the Final which will be played on 4th July 2004. All of the matches will be played in sand covered Piazza Santa Croce.
Each game is proceeded and introduced by a formal procession which departs at 4pm from Piazza Santa Maria Nouvella towards Piazza Santa Croce through via de' Banchi, via Rondinelli, via Tornabuoni, via Strozzi, Piazza della Repubblica, via degli Speziali, via Calzaiuoli, Piazza della Signora, via della Ninna, via de' Neri, and before finishing at Borgo Santa Croce.
The winners are rewarded with a mass of steaks equivalent in weight to the more traditional prize of a white calf or bistecca fiorentina, which was historically butchered for the occasion. Great entertainment for enthusiastic spectators!


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