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Your vacation apartment to rent in Florence


Guelfa - Apartment to rent, Florence

If you’re visiting Florence, Italy any time soon, you will need a place to stay. There are a lot of vacation apartments to choose from. Tuscan Feeling has an enormous amount of apartments, villas and other places where you can stay for the duration of your trip.

If you’re looking for a vacation apartment to rent while in Florence, check out Guelfa. Guelfa is located near the main train station in Florence. Since there is a close proximity between the two, the walk will allow you to get in some exercise.

The apartment at Guelfa is refurbished and it is also furnished. It is located beneath the first floor. Even with that being “underground”, the apartment will still get light from the outside. Daylight will illuminate through the fiberglass in the ceiling. You don’t have to concern yourself about experiencing total darkness. Included in the apartment are a bedroom and a double bedroom. The single bedroom contains two beds.

When you rent a vacation apartment here at Guelfa, you will have air conditioning to make it comfortable for you. There is also a living room with a television. You also have a bathroom with a shower included in it.

Guelfa - Vacation apartment, Florence

Most of the things that you would find in an apartment in the United States, you will also find while renting a vacation apartment in Florence. That would include an oven, refrigerator, dishwasher and washing machine. If you’re a caffeine lover, you will find a coffee maker as well.

For your convenience away from home, the apartment is equipped with an internet connection. There’s no specification as to what kind of connection it is, but at least you can say hello, brag to your friends and send pictures from another part of the world.

You will be provided with fresh linens every day. You do not have to pay extra for water, gas and electricity. These utility items are inclusive with the price of the apartment rental. The required minimum stay in the apartment is seven days and the setup is for six people. If you decide to stay on a monthly basis, you will have to pay for the utilities. A deposit of a month’s rental will be required.

If you’re looking to shop, there is the San Lorenzo Square with its multicolored streets. That area stays busy, as there are people who come to shop every day. There are also historical buildings to see in the public square area, such as the Dome Square, Beccaria Square, and Michelangelo Large Square, to name a few.

While renting the apartment in Florence, if you have additional people on the trip, you can have an extra bed in your apartment at no additional charge. If you need heat in your apartment, it is included in the rental price. Of course, if you plan to stay a month or so, this will be included in the pre-payment of utilities.

There is no elevator here, so you will have to walk the stairs. That’s good, because it gives you more opportunities to get additional exercise. In addition to that, Guelfa is a nice place to relax because you’ll have plenty of peace and quiet.

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