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Professional cycling teams 2010


Professional cycling teams 2010: Team Miche wins! March 2010 - First important winnings for Team Miche.

During the Settimana Internazionale Coppi & Bartali the team directed by Tozzi and Tognaccini showed an high level of performance, in this early-season stage race organized by GS Emilia.

Racers that are riding the new Fondriest bikes, equipped as usual with Supertype race bike components, came very close to the goal just from the second stage: Fortunato Baliani has gained a second place behind Serpa Perez, and Niemec, thanks to the point collected during the stage, gained the climbing leadership, and close the stage in Faenza 4th.

The great performance of Team Miche's racers continued also the day after, 3rd stage, with Niemec's victory - beating Santaromita (that obtained the Race leadership) and ruling the head-to-head sprint on the Pavullo finish line, Niemec got his first victory of 2010 season. To complete the Team performance Baliani placed 7th and confirmed his growing.

At the end of the race Team Miche has been recognized as one of the most competitive teams, and the ranking results are a confirmation: Niemec finished second in the general rank (only 1'43'' from Santaromita), won the climbing rank, and took the second place in the special points rank. Meantime Baliani finished 10th in the general rank, and second in the climbing rank: these are Top Team results!

Then the 4th place in the special teams rank is a sign of constantly growing for all the racers of Tuscan Team.

Next races attended by Team Miche will be Settimana Lombarda planned from March 31st to April 5th, and Giro del Trentino planned from April 20th to 23rd: in both of these hard-stage races, Team Miche racers will be able to show their best.