Lunezia Resort - Holiday apartments in a Tuscany country resort

Resort in Tuscany - Holiday homes with pool near Cinque Terre


Tuscany's holiday homes with pool

The good old days are here again with Tuscany's holiday homes. I had the rare privilege of being among those who enjoyed a short stay at the Lunezia Resort where I had a taste of life in total, natural bliss. In between the mountains and seas of Lunigiana, Tuscany and Liguria lies holiday houses in Tuscany's resort areas. One of the best that I found was Lunezia Resort which boasts of a unique landscape that's well laid out for couples and lovers. Even those with a knack for hanging out and having outdoor activities will definitely love Lunezia Resort. As someone who was there for a few weeks, I could see all the fun in the sun that people are always talking about. It turned out that the place had the right charm that attracts people like me who love such natural scenes in order to be able to spend time for relaxation which is the main reason I chose the resort.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the time I spent here at this location with its mediterranean vegetation and surrounding meadows that helped to bring out the beauty of the resort's landscape. The Tuscan holiday home which features a pool like many other found in Florence is sited near Cinque Terre and the Sea of the Gulf of La Spezia. It was one vacation holiday I will never forget because I had the opportunity to see the famous Apuane Alps in the cool shades of the resort's premises as I sipped away the finest wines I bought from the neighboring town of Chianti - one of the world's best wine producing regions. The fine cuisines of local dished which I ate all through my stay in the Tuscanu holiday home was reminiscent of those I tasted in other European countries though there were slight differences in the make up of the meals. I even got some recipes from some of the local chefs who prepared the meals.

Cinque Terre

Lunezia Resort is a holiday home with a place in Bibola, in the heart of Lunigiana. This makes the resort home a perfect holiday spot for newly wedded couples or lovers who wish to consummate their nuptial vows and have just completed their rites of passage from single-hood to marital life. The surrounding hills of the Tuscany resort with so much greenery to frolick and abundance of natural hideaways of the fun land all ensure that I had the right backdrops to take my pictures. I took dozens of snapshots with a few friends I had made during my visit. I did all these while wondering how blissful it would have been for us to have made history here in Lunezia Resort, although that was more than a decade ago. I still think the holiday resort deserved free advertising from someone like me who had a wow time enjoying a lifetime vacation experience in the sights, sounds and silence of the Tuscany magic land.

The resort consists of 2 buildings or flats which enjoy close proximity to the large area that surrounds them for guests who wish to have al fresco activities such as dining, barbeque, gaming, etc. This expansive land that spreads out so much greenery is the right place I needed for rest and relaxation especially under the shades provided by the leafy, green trees. I had to constantly remind myself that I was only visiting this pleasurable resort of Tuscany which had many others like it. Once here, you can choose to take in the warm summer sun by the side of the resort's swimming pool or simply stay indoors and enjoy endless TV entertainment. Within the rooms, there are single or double beds with bathroom and shower facilities. You will also have access to cooking ware for your eating delight. Take a shot at Lunezia Resort and get ready to be spoilt never-ending fun, whether on land or in water.