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Study Italian in Italy at Linguaviva schools For anyone wanting to study Italian in Italy, any encyclopaedia will tell you that Italian is spoken as a mother tongue in Italy, San Marino, Switzerland, and Vatican City. But what you also need to know that Italian is spoken by large parts of the population in Monaco, Albania, France (Corsica and Nice), Croatia, Slovenia, Malta, Montenegro, Eritrea and Somalia.

Besides, as the world grows smaller, there are large Italian immigrant communities in USA, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Uruguay, Venezuela, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and the UK. When we last counted, nearly 120 million people in the world spoke Italian, which is a figure that you cannot ignore. And we havenít even mentioned the masterpieces of Italian literature, which you could so easily read in the original if you were to study Italian.

For anyone wanting to study Italian in Italy, we recommend Linguaviva, the leading organisation that offers you an opportunity to study Italian in Italy, more specifically, to study Italian in Florence, Milan and Syracuse (Sicily). Linguaviva offers an extensive range of Italian programmes designed to meet specific individual needs: general Italian and Italian for business, internship experience, academic studies in Italy, optional art courses, vocational fine arts programmes, design, culinary arts and a residential summer programme for juniors.

Study Italian in Florence, Italy Sounds interesting? You bet it is! If you study Italian in Florence, for instance, you will be able to take part in a cooking course that also teaches you Italian. How? Well, practical cooking classes are conducted in Italian and are meant primarily for non-professional people because the focus is on Italian culinary and winemaking traditions. So you get the best of both worlds, and learn Italian in the process.

Our Italian language courses in Milan prepare students for the exams they need to take for admission to University. The focus here is on preparation in certain. As of now, we prepare students for the Entrance Examination in Architecture, Academy of Fine Arts, Medicine, Veterinary, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Engineering.

Once again, those who study Italian in Sicily (Syracuse) will attend Italian group classes in the morning and one of many Sicilian and Mediterranean culture courses in the afternoon. These Culture Courses, of course, are taught in Italian.

So Linguaviva covers all areas of Italian study, and enables students to not just converse in Italian in any situation, but also gives them the opportunity to absorb crucial elements of Italian life and culture. Could you ask for more than that? We are sure not, so come to Linguaviva website and find out which course you want to take, without further ado.