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Our hotel in Carrara, Italy

My wife and I had a swell time at this hotel in Carrara, Italy which once again confirmed that Tuscany's accommodation rates and services are well paired and friendly to guests. As we searched through the web for a list of hotels in Carrara, Italy, we stumbled on quite a few of them but with less information than we actually needed to plan for out forthcoming trip. After digging a little more, we came up with this distinct site: which offered us more than we were even looking for. First of all, we had the option of choosing from their triple or 4-bedded rooms. This has been one criterion that we set as a benchmark for bed and breakfast inns because on this occasion, we wanted to travel with our 4-year old twin girls and their brother who just turned one. Therefore, getting extra beds as part of our search for the right type of accommodation was a must and made more of a matter.

So for this particular Carrara hotel, we could choose between a standard or superior room under the two types mentioned earlier. The rates was in the range of between 90 and 160 Euro while the room with four beds cost 135 Euro only. These were well within our budget and so we quickly got over the aspect of accommodation. One interesting thing that we found out about this hotel was that there were cooking lessons and seminars for guests who wanted more culinary skills. My wife who can be crazy about all things Italian dishes having had her tertiary education in Italy, was all for this Carrara hotel so this was all we needed to make up our minds about where to stay while in Carrara. For me, I simply wanted to take a long wine tour in the fields of the famous Chianti region. The kids however leaned more to their mother's side especially because the twins loved learning how to cook.

Scrolling through the site, we could see that the rate per person was a little over a thousand Euro but this was not a deterrent for my wife. She wanted to learn from the best - the famous chefs and gourmets of Italian dishes. While we were there eventually, we took time to tour many parts of Italy with the kids who had some memorable moments too. We spent a lot at Enoteca Salumeria "Valeria", a famous wine & delicatessen shop located in Sarzana. Here we bought some of the world's best wine brands. My wife made sure that she didn't leave without an exquisite collection of olive oils - the Culatello di Zibello and Pesto di Prà which are two culinary products offered exclusively of the Italian cooking tradition. Top company executives will find that Italy is a very good business location to host their annual meetings, company conferences and similar events. One perfect venue for such gatherings is Locanda dell'Angelo.

Italy's medieval castles, luxury apartments and villas, private gardens filled with countless olive trees and stretches of beautiful flower fields. We also checked out the majestic and magnificent Cinque Terre; as well as Carrara's marble quarry sites. Shopping was part of our itinerary so we bought a lot of souvenirs to take back home. We had dinner outings at a number of unique eating locations. Some of the prominent places we visited include Locanda dell’Angelo, Trattoria on top of Montemarcello and Val di Magra. Locanda dell'Angelo features a large conference hall which can seat up to 120 people. This place is replete with the most modern multi-media technology equipment like projectors for slide shows, video conference facilities and internet connectivity, and much more. Best of all, the rates are very modest for corporate hosting needs. The whole holiday trail was an exhilarating experience for all of us.