Case and Casali - Holiday farmhouses in Tuscany and Umbria

A farmhouse for holiday in Tuscany or Umbria


Case and Casali specialize in finding places for people who are planning to visit the Tuscany area on holiday. They are located in Italy and have properties in the local and international areas. They are selective about which properties to choose because they want the best for their clients. They deal with apartments, villas and farmhouses in the Tuscany countryside.

Antico Casale is a farmhouse that has two levels. It is located within the green hills of Tuscany. Within the farmhouse there are three apartments. They are about the same size. Each one has a living room, kitchen area, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

There is an apartment on the ground floor, the first floor and the last apartment takes up two levels. This farm house went through a restoration process. The stone material covers it on the outside and there is Cotto flooring on the inside.

Casale dell'Angelo is located on Gubbio, which is a town of Umbria that is considered historic. The upper floor of this stonehouse has two bedrooms and a bathroom. There is a potential to enlarge this stonehouse. If expansion were to take place, it could include two rooms in the basement area, one room on the ground floor and an additional on located on the first floor. With the expansion this could be turned into three separate apartments. This would be a nice place to get some rest for the holiday in Umbria.

Currently, on the basement level there is a garage, living room with a fireplace and kitchen area. On the ground floor of the Umbria stonehouse there is a bathroom.

The farmhouse is made out of stone. There are beams that you can see within the farm. If you're into art, look no further than the living room quarters. This stone house gets lots of light because it's located in an area that's always sunny.

Casale del Colle is a restored farm holidays constructed with stone material on the outside. There is cotto flooring and you can see the beams in the farm. This farmhouse sits on a lot of land and the garden is not far away. Having a quiet place to go would be just the thing at this house while you're on holiday here.

The ground floor also has a living room, study area, kitchen area, bathroom and two bedrooms. There are separate apartments on the upper floors and they have a kitchen area, a utility room, two bathrooms and five bedrooms. On the other floor, you have two utility rooms, two bathrooms and six bedrooms. With all the bedrooms and the space this farmhouse has, you could probably have a family reunion here.

Anyone of these farmhouses would be great to visit on holiday in Tuscany. The area is quiet and you don't to think about traffic and other noise while you're here. These farms holidays are designed for rest and relaxation while you're far away from home. Case and Casali can provide additional information if you're looking to spend a holiday here in the Tuscany area. They will be able to find the right farm house that fits your needs.