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Cheap accommodations in Venice, Siena, Milan, Florence, Rome, Naples...

Venice, Italy accommodation

Italy is one of the top travel destinations in the world. Traveling to Italy is always an enjoyable, memorable and rewarding experience. But it also tends to be pretty expensive. When you factor in a dollar that is weak compared to the Euro you make it even more expensive.

But because the country has such a vast tourism industry there are options galore for reasonably priced places to stay when you are traveling. Years ago they were not so easy to find. Unless you had a great travel agent, a globe trotting friend or a local connection, finding these little jewels was like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

But now, with sites like Expert Lodging, you can find a great room in a conveniently located hotel in all the most popular destinations in Italy.

If you want to revel in the heart of Chianti country and witness the twice annual Palio, then a bed and breakfast in Siena would be an ideal choice. Even better is finding out that you may be able to get a luxury room for under 200 Euro a night. The countryside surrounding Siena is an ideal destination for anyone that loves food, wine or agritourism.

A bed a breakfast in Siena, Italy For the travelers who want to embrace the romance of the city of Venice, but not pay its notoriously steep room rates, you can find holiday apartments, palazzos and cheap hotels in Venice. The site can not save you money on the exorbitant restaurant prices, but with the money you save on your room you will be able to indulge in the great local seafood and buy some of the gorgeous masks from Carnivale.

Whether you head to Milan for fashion week, for the architecture or for one of the amazing food festivals; you can take the pain out of making your hotel reservations in Milan. The magical wedding cake Duomo of Milan will make a photographer of nearly everyone. And the shopping at the Galleria after you have spun on your heel three times on the nether regions of a mosaic bull will surely help you spend every penny of the money that you saved on your hotel. This city is large, vibrant and full of life. Make sure to ask where you can get a great aperitivo and you will enjoy the city even more.

Clicking on the site will save you time and money. It will also lead you to the smaller hotels that the Italians do so well. Hotels and apartments that will welcome you with the kind of hospitality that you thought had fallen into the customer service abyss. A warmth and enthusiasm that will make you want to speak Italian and drink espresso all day long.

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