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Wedding Florence is an idea Eurofiori. We started our activity in Florence, Italy in 1987 and since than we've been experimenting new and original ways to make every composition and arrangement of flowers something special and unique. That's the reason why you should trust Eurofiori whenever you want to deliver something special for somebody special.

Flowers give the right frame to an unforgettable day and with their temporary beauty they underline an event that ought to last - hopefully - for a life-time !
We prepare the wedding car, the entrance and the interior of the church, the altar and the balustrade, the wedding lunch and dinner.

In this site you can try useful informations about your wedding in Florence: the required documentation for civil and religious wedding cerimony, the traditions (the throwing of the rice, the honeymoon, the wedding ring exchange, the bonbonniere gift) and more.

The flowers, with their colors, shapes and perfume, contribute to render the atmospheres beautiful and pleasant "...they give character to any kind of event and joy to who watches them while supplying an unsuspected energy..."

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Wedding Florence

Wedding FLORENCE is an idea EUROFIORI
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