Taxis in Florence
All taxis are white and are identified by a sign on the roof and a name and identification number on the front doors. When free, they will stop if hailed. Radio taxis can be called by phone using one of the following number:
  • 055.4390
  • 055.4242
  • 055.4798
The main taxi ranks are in Piazza Duomo (at the back of the cathedral), in Piazza della Repubblica and in Piazza Stazione. If you are near any of the secondary taxi ranks it is worth calling the number directly. They can be found at:
  • Piazza Alberti, tel. 679.872
  • Piazza Beccaria, tel. 234.361.4
  • Piazza delle Cure, tel. 579.035
  • Piazza F. Ferrucci, tel. 681.164.4
  • Piazza Giorgini, tel. 471.530
  • Piazza Mino (Fiesole), tel. 592.04
  • Piazza Puccini, tel. 361.100
  • Piazza San Marco, tel. 284.124
  • Piazzale di Porta Romana, tel. 220.528
  • Via Bronzino (on corner of Via A. del Pollaiolo), tel. 705.100
  • Via di Novoli, tel. 537.999.3
  • Viale Calatafimi, tel. 605.794
  • Viale Mazzini, tel. 242.601
  • Viale Morgagni, tel. 416.800.

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