Country fairs and festival around Florence
  • Barberino Val d'Elsa (Tel. 8075015)
    At the table with the new oil. Fixed price menus in the local restaurants. From November 29th to December 21st.
    Feast of the fettunta (oily bread). From November 30th to December 14th.

  • Calenzano (Tel. 8833412)
    Fair of oil. November/December.

  • Carmignano (Tel. 8712002)
    Ancient Fair. Oil and products of the earth. November 30th/December 7th.

  • Dicomano (Tel. 838028)
    Fair of second-hand goods and antiques of the Mugello and Val di Sieve. November 16th, December 21st.

  • Figline Valdarno (Tel. 951569)
    Autumnia. Fair of oil and wine. November 29/39th.

  • Firenzuola (Tel. 819770)
    Produce of Firenzuola: from the earth to stone. Fair of the chestnut and other products of the earth and woods; exhibition of works in local stone. November 1st/2nd.

  • Impruneta (Tel. 2313729)
    Autumn flowers. Flower show (Tavarnuzze). November 16th. Feast of oily bread. December. Christmas Fair of extra-virgin olive oil. Cloister of the Basilica. December 6th/21st.

  • Lastra a Signa (Tel. 87431)
    Useful objects and art workshops in old Lastra. December 8th. Flower show. December 8th. Feast of the flavours of the past. December 6th/8th.

  • Londa (Tel. 8351518)
    Feast of "fusigno". Gastronomic specialities and bonfire after evening Mass. December 24th.
  • Montelupo Fiorentino (Tel. 0571/9174) Ceramics on Sunday. December 7th, 8th, 14th, 21st, 24th, 28th.

  • Montespertoli (Tel. 0571/657171)
    Feast for the New Wine. November 8th-9th. Paneolio. Presentation of local extra-virgin olive oil with bread of Montespertoli. November.

  • Palazzuolo su Senio (Tel. 8046125)
    Feast of pork products and woodland fruit. November 9th. Live Nativity scene. Tel. 8046008. December 26th.

  • Pontassieve (Tel. 83601)
    Feast of the new wine. November 8th-9th.

  • Reggello (Tel. 868841)
    Italian fair of extra-virgin olive oil. December 6th-8th.

  • Rignano sull'Arno (Tel. 8349246)
    Feast of the end of Atumn. November 24th.

  • Rufina (Tel. 8396111)
    Feast of st. Martin, the patron saint. November 11th.

  • San Casciano and Mercatale Val di Pesa (Tel. 820394)
    Christmas on the farm. Chianti Christmas fair of oil, wine, honey, flowers. Cloister of the Benedectines. December.

  • San miniato (Tel. 0571/42745)
    Truffle Feast. November 15th/16th, 22th/23th, 29th/30th. Feast of oil. (La Serra). December.

  • Scarperia (Tel. 846019)
    Feast of tartufo. Novembre.

  • Signa (Tel. 87941)
    A present from Signa. December 8th, 13th, 20th.

  • Tavarnelle Val di Pesa (Tel. 8076525)
    Fair of St. Lucy. December. Christmas at Tavarnelle. December/January.

  • Vinci (Tel. 0571/568012)
    Feast for the new oil (Vitolini). Tel. 0571/933244. November 30th. Feast of extra-virgin olive oil and new wine. December7th.

    You are advised to check with local Town Councils or A.P.T. before going to the above events in case of changes in dates.

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