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 Established 1860

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The Romanelli Gallery was founded in 1860 in sight of the Ponte Vecchio.

The Romanelli family, who has managed the Gallery for now four generation, has taken care of its inherited tradition, ensuring the continuing realization of great works of sculpture in marble, from the small to the monumental. Bronzes, cast in the traditional Lost Wax Method using models of esteemed beauty; objects such as obelisks, vases, columns, fireplaces, fountains are all reproduced respecting traditional forms and harmonies of proportion from the past. New designs too are executed always in the search for elegance.
The Gallery has a vast array of sculptures in marble and bronze, besides there being columns and small objects in marble and semi-preciuos stones; tables in Scagliola and in mosaics of semi-precious stones. An important part of the Romanelli tradition has been the ability to satisfy the specific demands of its clients, whether they be orders for tables, sculptures, fountains, or bronzes; all work executed by selected, able artists and artisans.
The marble reproductions of classical works are sculptured in our own studio, following the ancient techniques used by the Romans in their reproductions of Greek works.
In the past, the first to request copies of famous antique statues, and those of contemporary artists, such as Canova, was Elisa Bonaparte, who had a flowering trade between Carrara and Paris. Carrara was an international market wich supplied England, Russia and other countries; the demands of the Tsarist princes and the English aristocracy seemed to have no limits.
It was not long before Florence took the place of Carrara. In the city of Florence, famous for its art, flourished a school of sculptors who opened galleries, upon which they bestowed their names. Often a brother busied himself with the running of the commercial side of the gallery, receiving commissions for what were either original works (portraits, monuments etc...) or copies of known pieces. One of these firms was founded in 1860 by Pasquale Romanelli, an ancestor of the present family-owners, and apprentice to the great Bartolini.
The luck of these sculptors lasted until the great crisis of 1929 which spelt the end for this activity, leaving only two or three survivors, who staggered along until the Second World War. In 1949 however Romanelli re-opened the business, starting with little space, and few statues. After a few years the Gallery returned to its fluorishing state, and together with its studio in Florence, regained its fame. Italian, French, English and American journalists wrote articles on the Gallery for newspapers such as "The New York Times", and columns were published in home-furnishing and travel magazines.
Today the Gallery is still under the management of Folco Romanelli, being a sculptor himself, have the unique and inherited ability of choosing the most suitable sculptors for their studio in Pietrasanta, close to Carrara. Some of the original models remain at the Florentine studio, which unfortunately had to close, but most were moved to the work-shop at Pietrasanta.


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