CERAMICHE GIULIA di Migliori Giacomo & C. s.a.s.
Via del Virginio, 148 - 50025 Montespertoli (Florence) - Italy
Ph. +39 0571.671.451   Fax +39 0571.67.14.51

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"Ceramiche Giulia", in the respect of the old artisan traditions, offers a wide range of ceramics: objects of use and decorative compounds.
All decorations are entirely handmade, and every time can be decorated with any design.
Our company is specialized in the delivery of few items for retail stores.
Our production is totally lead-free and safe for daily use respecting the present rules in Europe and in the U.S.A.
For any further information and prices, don't hesitate to get in touch with us though E-mail or our regular address.
Through this special catalogue "Ceramiche GIULIA" would like to introduce some items of our production to you and, in the meantime, we want to remind you that they are just a small portion of it.


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