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  The Alberto della Ragione Collection  

Address: Piazza della Signoria, 5

The Alberto Della Ragione Collection was given to the Florentine Town Council in 1970 and is of fundamental importance for the understanding of contemporary art, otherwise not represented in the city's museums. Even if it is not exhaustive, the collection represents artists too little seen in Florence's museums and galleries.

It was assembled with intelligence and awareness of contemporary movements by the civil engineer Alberto della Ragione. Not only did he try to find works which were not represented in any collections, but he also involved himself directly in the lives of artists by sustaining them in difficulty, bringing them to public attention, giving them new possibilities and drawing the attention of other collectors to their work. Giving a wide view of the years 1930-1945, it presents the generation of artists active in the period of increased awareness characteristic of Italy between the two wars. Many twentieth century masters are found in the collection.

An exceptional group of paintings by Rosai includes some of the melancholy Florentine views, and there are landscapes and still lifes by De Pisis and Maffai, and works by Carrà, Morandi, Casorati, Campigli and Guttuso. Their works document the various cultural movements of this century from Cubism, taken to heart by many Italian painters, to Futurism and Metaphysicism and the Abstraction of Birolli or Emilio Vedova.

Important sculptures are also included in the collection, such as Lucio Fontana's famous early Paulette, the very sculptural Horses of Marino Marini or the portraits of Manzu. Altogether, there are 240 works in the collection, which apart from being of an international level, fills one of the main artistic gaps in the city.

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