the chapel of the princes in florence, italy

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  The Chapel of the Princes  

Address: Piazza Madonna

The Museum and Florentine Institute of Prehistory was founded in Florence in 1946 and is located in the Town Hall of the Oblates, in order to gather, preserve and classify the prehistoric collections existing in Florence. The collections cover a period from the Prestone Age until historical times; they represent the manifestations of human activity based first on a non-productive economy of hunting and crops, then on a productive one based on agriculture, sheepfarming, and metal work.

The evidence consists of stone instruments, bone, pottery, copper arms, bronze; artistic evidence (impressions, photos and originals) etc., accompanied by their respective human kinds, faunal and botanical specimens.

They come from excavation and research in Italy and abroad carried out in Europe, Africa, Asia and America from the beginning of the prehistoric study in the nineteenth century; they make up the "historical" collections. The collections from recent investigation are remarkable, and numerous the ones which have served to make a first chronological and cultural classification of prehistory. Important representations have been made accessible to the public since 1975 in an exhibition arranged on two floors which covers over 700 metres, and displayed according to a chronological-geographical criterium starting from our region.

The display begins with a didactic room (men, animals and artificial production in interaction).

Then follows in order of time (Middle Paleolithic) the most impressive collections coming from cave deposits. Of note relating to recent times is a group of impressed pottery sets, which are decorated in graffio design and accompanied by lithic and osseous industries.

The more recent collections follow (the Bronze Age), as far as the limits of History (the Iron Age).

On the second floor, the European collections from the first discoveries in the field of prehistory are of particular interest. Also noteworthy are the African and Asiatic collections. To point out, regards America, is the ethnographical material.of the late prehistoric period. Noteworthy too is the preparation of a permanent photographic exhibition of natural size prehistoric African art made up of over 60 photomurals.

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