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  Church of Santa Trinita  

Address: Piazza Santa Trinita
The facade of the church of Santa Trinita in Florence, Italy The 11th-century building was rebuilt and enlarged in the 13th and 14th centuries. The linear facade in stone is by Buontalenti (1593). Thanks to the fact that it stands between the Via Tornabuoni and the Ponte S. Trinita, it is one of the best known churches in Florence.
Tradition ascribes the project to Andrea Pisano, the result of the remodelling of a Vallombrosan convent that already stood on the site. The simple lean interior houses important works of art such as the Madonna and Saints by Neri di Bicci (1491), the Annunciation by Lorenzo Monaco (1425), and Ghirlandaio's Adoration of the Shepherds (1485). The frescoes in the Sassetti Chapel (1483-1486) are also by Ghirlandaio. The tombs of the Sassetti family are by Giuliano da Sangallo. The second chapel to the left of the high altar (with a triptych by Mariotto di Nardo, 1416) contains the tomb of the Bishop of Fiesole by Luca della Robbia (1454-1456).


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