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  The Chartreuse of Florence  

The Chartreuse, or Carthusian monastery of Florence, it was built on 1342. At the end of the XIVth century, when the Chartreuse had just been competed, begins the long series of trasformations and enlargements which continued until the XVIIth century. The most evident feature of thre Chartreuse is the elegance of its architecture. From 1957 she is no more entrusted to Carthusian order, but to the Cistercian order of the Congregation of Casamari.

Essential itinerary : the Acciaiuoli Palace; the Art Gallery (paints by Pontormo, Raffellino del Garbo, Ridolfo Ghirlandaio, Mariotto di Nardo and others; the Monastic Church (frescos by Bernardino Poccetti and an extrordinary wooden choir; the Church of St. Mary the little cloister; the Chapter House; the Monk´s Cloister; the refectory; the Cloister of the Lay Brothers; the Guest Rooms.


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