church of sant'ambrogio in florence italy

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  Church of Sant'Ambrogio  

Address: Piazza S. Ambrogio
Sant'Ambrogio was one of the first religious buildings to go up in Florence. Rebuilt in the 13th century and again more recently, the present facade is 19th century.
The interior, 18th-century on an originally Gothic ground plan, is single-aisled with three chapels at the back and eight Renaissance side altars. There were originally a group of 14th- and 15th-century frescoes near the altars but they were seriously damaged in the flood of 1966 and were therefore detaches. Near the Presbytery is the Cappella del Miracolo with a 15th-century Tabernacle of the Holy Sacrament which contains the blood which miraculously appeared in the chalice of a priest, Uguccione, as he was celebrating Mass. The tabernacle which contains the reliquary is by Mino da Fiesole (1481-83); the angels nearby in terracotta are by the Della Robbia while the frescoes on the walls are 15th-century paintings by Cosimo Roselli.


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